Applications made for you.

Widge Applications (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2010 by a young dynamic and innovative young team and has been on the cutting edge of mobile applications software development since its inception.

With Widge applications you can create a virtual office, Facilitate customer Relationships, run cost-effective marketing campaigns and have access to a new platform

for all your software requirements.

Widge applications opens a whole new world of opportunities for marketers today from large to small – our applications are made for you. Give your business an extra boost with mobile and online applications that can

Our Philosophy


Geo- Target Push Notifications, One-to-one direct marketing, Create additional sales opportunities, Geo-Target your advertising when it matters most, Dynamic offers and specials, Play Games , Take part in Competitions, Automate address fill-in, Ordering and purchasing, Real time Business communications and management, Data Gathering and, Compete Anywhere.

Widge Applications

Our Experience

This Hard Trend Industry has made Widge one of the leaders within South Africa and has afforded them the honor of working with leading Brands such as SAMSUNG, Vodacom, and MTN to name but a few.

Mobile Applications will transform all Business Process in the near future and Widge wants to share it with you. How? – By developed highly flexible and configurable mobile applications that can be used in virtually any business. This means that cost are kept within an affordable bracket and available to virtually anyone, anywhere.